Agriolykos Pension
Therma, Island Ikaria

  • Conveniently located In Therma Spa Center,
    home of Ikaria's Therapeutic Hot Mineral Springs

  • Direct walking access to the beach & Tourist Facilities.

  • 12 Peaceful and comfortable rooms with air condition, TV & minibar.

  • Beautifully landscaped garden setting with panoramic seaview.

  • Spacious seaview cafe courtyard offering breakfast.

  • Stone amphitheatre located in natural setting with seaview for performances, meetings and seminars.

  • Access to private beach and nearby natural hot water springs flowing into the sea.

  • Seasonal schedule of yoga events, art exhibits & speakers/guests.

  • Open from May through October.

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    Built on the rock in the style and character of authentic Greek, 'AGRIOLYKOS' is a jewel under the sun and above the Aegean Sea. 'AGRIOLYKOS,' with its friendly and homely atmosphere, offers you unique moments of serenity and relaxation for unforgettable memories.

    'AGRIOLYKOS' is located in Therma, a picturesque village amphitheatrically built with a pebbled beach and characteristic kafenia, tavernas and ouzeri. Therma village is famous as the spa center of Ikaria's Therapeutic Natural Hot Springs.

    13-20 June (2017)

    The (b)re(a)st retreat for women is a healing rest retreat for emotional recovery after breast cancer. It's a transforming journey in which you, together with other women, restore deep contact with your femininity, your body and your sensual energy.

    Healing will be done on the physical, emotional and spiritual level: through writing, body painting, meditation, energy work, massage, restorative yoga, dance, family constellations, visualisation techniques and reflexology treatment.

    This retreat offers you time, personal space, rest, inspiration and support to pick up your life again after a painful period. The wonderful surroundings, the healthy sea air, the thermal baths and the wonderful workshops invite you to become what you really are: a fantastic and sensual work of art!

    An initiative of transformational coach Joey Brown. Assisted by Julie Kruijne, reflexologist.
    More Information:

    Joey Brown
    Editor-Book Coach
    Creative & Expressive Writing

    Gymnastique Posturale in Therma, Ikaria.

    October 24th - 27th, 2016 (SOLD OUT!)

    May 22nd - 25th, 2017 - (Places still Available)

    Just like an explorer, we strive to understand how the body is organised, arranged and how it works. We will awaken zones that have been asleep, sometimes for a long time, by stimulating muscles that have been used so little they are unknown. And perhaps these movements will also help us to know ourselves better and understand our muscular problems….…and also discover how our thoughts and emotions are organised.

    More Information
    Catherine Pavloff
    Instructor - Postural Gymnastics
    Physical Therapist

    Mrs. Voula Manolarou
    Therma, Ikaria Greece 83300
    Tel. (++30) 22750-22433, 22750-22383
    Fax: 22750-22433
    Mobile: 6944907023
    Tel. Athens: (++30) 210-664-2441
    Fax Athens: (++30) 210-664-2441

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